Cleanest School

Cleanest School in the District

Tim Snider, our maintenance director, started a new award (“Cleanest School in the District”) this year for our custodians and schools. Hillyard will come into the schools once a quarter and grade each school building on our cleanliness. During these walkthroughs, the representative from Hillyard will rate different parts of the building. 

1st quarter award goes to South School. Congratulations to all the staff at South School especially to our two custodians out there, Joni Barnes and Luanne Fliss. These two ladies have put in a lot of hard work. Thank you to the teachers, students, and other staff members that contributed to this award.

Here were the overall scores:

  • South School: 2.98 (won tie breaker)

  • High School: 2.98

  • John Boise Middle School: 2.78

  • North School: 2.75

The High School and South School tied, but they used the cleanest bathroom as the tie breaker. 

The goal for next quarter is to have every school over the 3.0 mark. During the walkthrough, all the custodians learned how they can get over the 3.0 mark with a few changes to their routines. 

Tim Snider said, “Thank you for everyone’s help to make these improvements in our school!”

It has been great seeing everyone pitch in to help make our schools clean and safe! Once again, congratulations to South School for being the Cleanest School in the District for the 1st quarter!