Cleanest School

It is time to announce the "Cleanest School in the District for the 2nd quarter.  Congratulations to the High School for winning the  award. Thank you to the students, teachers, administrators, and other staff for helping with the award. Big Thank you and Congrats to Steve Johnson, Jimmy Burr, and Linda Hiserote for their dedication and time in winning the "Cleanest School in the District.

High School Administrators celebrating the win!

 Here were the overall scores:

  • High School - 2.977
  • South School - 2.975
  • North School - 2.965
  • John Boise Middle School - 2.965

Another big celebration is improvement on scores for North School and John Boise Middle School. Thank you again to all staff members that work to improve our facilities. 

Tim Snider, our maintenance director, said "This year has made a big big difference on how schools look and less damage to our buildings. I have to say the schools look better than they have in a long time especially during this part of our school year."

Once again, congrats to High School for winning the "Cleanest School in the District!"