math contest

The Warsaw Mathletes traveled to Warrensburg High School to compete in their first math competition for the 2022-23 school year on November 5th.  The following students represented Warsaw R-IX proudly with finishing the day in 2nd place:  Henry Breshears, Savannah Fox, Wesley Jackson, Serenity Miller, Ashlynn Adams, Jaxson Deckard, Alyson Alcantara, Lovlie Haidusek, Ashlyn Laue, Anna Siegel, and Ashley Spry. 

The team competed in Division II with teams that are 3 to 4 times as big as Warsaw.  Division II consisted of California, Columbia, Odessa, Raytown, School of the Osage, Smith Cotton, and Warsaw.  The eleven Warsaw Mathletes rose to the challenge and brought home many ribbons and medals.

Graphing 11:  Lovlie Haidusek (4th) and Alyson Alcantara (5th)

Graphing 10:  Ashlynn Adams (2nd) and Jaxson Deckard (8th)

Complex Numbers:  Ashlyn Laue (9th)

Functions:  Anna Siegel (4th) and Ashley Spry (7th)

Geometry 10:  Jaxson Deckard (2nd) and Ashlynn Adams (8th)

Geometry 11:  Lovlie Haidusek (3rd) and Alyson Alcantara (6th)

Physical Science:  Wesley Jackson (2nd) and Henry Breshears (6th)

Trigonometry:  Anna Siegel (4th), Ashley Spry (7th) and Ashlyn Laue (8th)

Biology:  Jaxson Deckard (2nd) and Ashlynn Adams (6th)

Chemistry:  Alyson Alcantara (2nd)

Physics:  Ashley Spry (3rd), Ashlyn Laue (4th), Anna Siegel (7th), and Lovlie Haidusek (10th)

Algebra Equations:  Wesley Jackson (9th)

Algebra 10:  Jaxson Deckard (7th)

Algebra 12:  Ashley Spry (2nd), Anna Siegel (5th), and Ashlyn Laue (7th)

Algebra 11:  Lovlie Haidusek (4th) and Alyson Alcantara (5th)

Word Problems 9:  Serenity Miller (4th) and Henry Breshears (8th)

Word Problems 10:  Jaxson Deckard (6th)

Word Problems 11:  Lovlie Haidusek (5th) and Alyson Alcantara (10th)

Advanced Topics:  Ashley Spry (5th), Anna Siegel (6th), and Ashlyn Laue (10th)

Freshman Team (Henry Breshears, Savannah Fox, Wesley Jackson, and Serenity Miller): 3rd

Sophomore Team (Ashlynn Adams and Jaxson Deckard): 2nd

Junior Team (Alyson Alcantara and Lovlie Haidusek): 1st

Senior Team:  (Ashlyn Laue, Anna Siegel, and Ashley Spry): 4th

Top Sophomores:  Jaxson Deckard (3rd)

Top Juniors:  Lovlie Haidusek (5th)

Top Schools:  Warsaw High School (2nd)

The Warsaw Mathletes would like to thank their sponsors:  Tracey Spry & Associates, Hawthorn Bank, Edward Jones (Rickie Caswell), Equity Bank, Country Charm, R|C Salon, and American Family Insurance (Jeanette Limback).

“Saturday ended up being a very busy day for our Wildcats with the football game moved to Saturday.  Mr. Thomas was great in his flexibility with Alyson and Ashlynn in performing the National Anthem with the band at the game.  Victoria, our bus driver, was great in escorting those two to the gate within minutes of their performance. 

I am very proud of the results of this competition.  When we are competing with schools 3 to 4 times the size of Warsaw and come out in second place, it shows we have some pretty smart and dedicated students here at WHS.  All four classes represented our school with top 5’s.  This was the first ever event for quite a few of our students.  I hope they have found a love for the competitions.  For those who show up year after year, I have to give a shout out!  Ashlynn, Lovlie, Ashlyn, Anna, and Ashley, along with our new members, are going to be doing big things in their future.  Big recognition goes to the Junior Team for placing first, plus Lovlie and Jaxson for being in the top 5 individuals for their classes!” commented the Math Club sponsor Amy Spunaugle.

Front Row:  Ashley Spry, Anna Siegel, and Ashlyn Laue

Back Row:  Serenity Miller, Savannah Fox, Ashlynn Adams, Lovlie Haidusek, Alyson Alcantara, Jaxson Deckard, Wesley Jackson, and Henry Breshears