Transportation Information

WARSAW R-IX SCHOOL DISTRICT                      

Mr. Scott Gemes, Superintendent

20363 Lane of Champions, Warsaw, MO  65355

P.O. Box 248                          


Phone: (660) 438-7120

August 11th, 2022

Dear Wildcat Family,

I will apologize that the communication about transportation was a surprise to some individuals in town. We were trying to clarify communication that I was told had already been done. There are multiple factors that go into the decision on how routes are run. Some of those factors are based on distance from school, safety of students, availability of bus drivers, availability of space on bus and length of routes. If you have questions about any of these factors, then please feel free to contact me, Scott Gemes, using the email or phone number above. Below is the information from the previous letter:

The area between HWY 7, HWY 65, and the river will not have bus service to individual houses. We will pick up students at the daycares, G&W, and Maples Ford. Elementary principals will be sharing more information about Preschool pick-ups and drop-offs. Reminder that Preschool drop-offs and pick-ups will start earlier this year and also be done at a later time.

If you are in the area with no individual house stops, then there is a possibility that we can add other town stops along our route to North School. Please contact Doug Alden, our transportation director, at (660) 438-3539 about the possibility of additional town stops.

Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat!

Scott Gemes, Superintendent